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We know Santa’s secret…

A round trip across the world in one night? Every child getting exactly the right present year after year? That could just be one amazing red-suited man or it could be a top-notch asset management solution with inclusive route optimisation and client relationship management modules.

Picture this… it was the night after his Christmas Eve antics and Santa takes stock of his elf run workshop with the help of his Head Elf.

Did we miss any children? Did we take the fastest route possible to save reindeer magic? Which was the most popular toy? Which was the least popular toy? Which toys need to be restocked in the workshop? Will the sleigh need any maintenance before the 24th December?

No stammering from a nervous elf stood before his boss, never. Instead, our Head Elf confidently pulls out his mobile computer from his pocket and displays the asset dashboard titled “Santa’s Workshop”.

santa elf“No children were missed Santa, you scanned every present before placing it neatly under their tree. We calculated the best route through the clouds ahead of schedule and your onboard sleigh tablet picked up any traffic and diverted you. This year our most popular toy was an e-scooter by 50% and the least popular was coal, as expected. Our list of toys to be restocked is being generated as we speak and the work order for the elves materials will be placed shortly. The sleigh picked up minor damage on a few roof landings but it is due its annual maintenance check to keep it running smoothly.”

The asset management solution is Santa’s hidden elf, running the workshop with ease, making sure everything is accounted for and the information is available at the click of a button. Each toy has an RFID tag or barcode attached to account for its location and associated child. Children are Santa’s most important clients after all. With a Client Relationship Management module included in his asset management solution Santa will never forget a child on Christmas or give them the same gift twice. His sleigh, the most important asset of all, gets maintenance checked regularly as without it he can’t do his job, the elves get an alert when that task is due.

Without a solution like this what would he do? Fly blindly around the world giving out the first gift that comes to hand at the top of his toy stack? Sounds like madness to me!

How about this festive season you take the time to “Be More Santa” and revolutionise your business operations with the help of a Santa-approved asset management system!

Find out more about Pro-Cloud, the asset management solution that has Santa all ho ho ho! any time of year and the elves cheering with glee for a well run workshop. Get in touch with our Business Development team at or on 0800 652 0488.

Happy Holidays to you all!


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