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Communicating the need for change in your organisation

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Change is hard. On a personal level it can be a huge achievement to convince yourself that starting a new healthy habit is better than remaining in a rut with a bad one. Multiply that by 100 times or more and there you have change at a business level, the…

9 Mistakes to Avoid a Failed Asset Management Software Implementation – Part 3

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Welcome to the last part of the ‘9 Mistakes to Avoid a Failed Asset Management Software Implementation’ series. To recap quickly here are the 9 mistakes to jog your memory: Lack of Sufficient Planning Not getting everyone on board Carrying out excessive customisation No full-time client-side project manager Insufficient focus…

Meet the CSS Team – Helpdesk Manager

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At CSS our employees are our most valuable assets and we thought it was about time we showcased their expertise and told you a bit more about their roles within the business. Stuart Pearson Helpdesk Manager at CSS Specialises in: Keeping our customers happy!     As Helpdesk Manager, Stuart…

9 Mistakes to Avoid a Failed Asset Management Software Implementation – Part 1

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Implementing a new software solution can be a complex, time consuming and expensive task for a business to undertake. With potential delays and costly consequences lurking around every corner project failure can be an unfortunate outcome for many organisations undertaking such a change if not managed correctly. This blog designed…

Choose the right asset tagging solution for your organisation

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A vital stage of implementing a new asset management software solution into your organisation is choosing the right tagging solution that will help you optimise asset tracking and employee productivity. Choosing the correct tagging option the first time won’t only save you money but will also help you sail through…

Ensure your assets are maintained on time, every time!

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Timing is key when it comes to ensuring your assets are maintained on time, every time. Over the years your business has accumulated a variety of assets and learned to operate effectively. These assets could be office equipment, laptop computers or a fleet of vans to deliver your service. The…

Reduce your paper outlay and digitally transform the way you work

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A paperless office space may be hard to comprehend and it could feel unachievable to eliminate paper entirely. Take the initial step and have a look around your office environment…Can you cut back on your paper output? The most evident benefit of reducing your paper outlay is to become an…