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TCES Community is a proven end-to-end community equipment IT software solution that offers an intuitive community equipment ordering and a back end asset management tracking platform, making sure equipment is always sourced, maintained and located within the community correctly.

The platform is where practitioners can place community equipment orders, collections and repairs with ease. Offering a highly intuitive and user-friendly catalogue integrated with five-tier authorisation levels.

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The proven solution provides the platform to handle prescription, self-funders, complex equipment, direct supply or a hybrid of all. We have over 25 years of experience in community equipment services and a customer portfolio of over 70 local authorities, providers and suppliers.


Place community equipment orders within moments

Speed up the product selection process

Save time and money through improved operational efficiencies

Facilitate the use of recycled specials over new, which can result in a 92% reduction in spend

Place orders, deliveries and collections via the mobile friendly interface

Receive real-time equipment updates

Share specials throughout your service for a wider variety of recycled stock

Meticulously manage and locate your equipment at all times

Ensure service users are at the centre of everything that you do

This system is well worth the investment as the benefits to clinicians and patients/service users are outstanding. The new system has streamlined processes from Calderdale and is making the lives of anyone using the system – from warehouse staff to end users – so much easier.

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