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You’ve been entrusted to source a new cost-saving business solution for your company and you’ve narrowed down your choices to three top contenders. How do you choose the winner? While your extensive internet research has given you great insight into modules available and specific options that may suit your company the only way to know for certain which solution to invest in is with a demonstration.

A software demo gives you the option of seeing the solution in action and in the you want. You can be shown work processes and how your company might utilise them day to day. View both back-end and end-user perspectives. It’s almost like getting an in-depth sneak preview, the likes of which a promotional website cannot provide as hard as it may try.

Our best advice for any demo you see would be questions, questions, questions!

Questions before, questions during and undoubtedly questions afterwards.


In preparation you might think of things you would like to know about the system in general that you haven’t been able to source online.


You could be curious about buttons or tabs that are shown to you during the demonstration and any demonstrator should be happy to show how these operate if possible or relevant.


With any new system it can be a lot of information to take in all at once. Making a list of questions throughout the presentation and asking them at the end can help clarify certain aspects of the solution for you.

Knowing the solution you’re about to invest in is key and a software demo presents you with the best opportunity to gain this knowledge.

Our Business Development team are able to provide a demonstration on request, whether they’re held at your company location or at our Midlands based offices. For more information about our teams availability please contact us on 0844 897 4531 or email

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