No Tricks Just Treats

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This Halloween how about giving your inventory audit team and accountants a nice treat instead of a nasty tricky surprise. An easy, smooth audit process is the answer to their prayers this Halloween. The trick to making this happen is managing your assets all year round and doing the little things is key.


– Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Bi-monthly… it goes on. The more regularly you keep individual asset information up-to-date the easier it will be to rely on the information at checkpoints at the end of the week or month. Make sure updates are made whenever the situation changes, whether it’s the change of the assets location, the change of its operative, or even if it’s lost or broken. The small changes roll into the bigger picture of the business.


– The small things start from the ground up and that means having your team who handle the assets day in and day out on board. Get them used to making regular updates when they are required and help them to see that accurate information and accountability reflects well on them personally, the team as a whole and their work further up the digital chain. Once your team is to grips with the process it will all slot into place when reports are ready to be made.

When it comes to your annual audit and the main team of auditors/accountants need to make critical decisions and search for specific assets the scary part is already done. No more wasted hours searching for ghost assets, no more hair-raising panic at the realisation that basic information is incorrect and out of date. They finally get to look forward to a nice treat. Happy Halloween!

Ready to give your audit/accounting team a well-deserved treat this Halloween? Then Pro-Cloud is the perfect way to do just that. Our asset and activity management software is a modular solution that encompasses all you need to manage your organisations assets throughout the year and beyond. Tailored to your needs we offer a business critical solution that allows a complete overview of your processes and activities.

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