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We have over 25 years of experience in the community equipment software sector and, throughout the years, our TCES Community solution has helped local authorities/NHS trusts make cost savings throughout their services and continues to do so. We work with over 70 healthcare organisations and understand the importance of providing a service that assists with the ever-increasing constraints on the NHS and local authorities, including decreased budgets and limited practitioner time.

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TCES Community is a web-based market leading Community Equipment Service solution that facilitates the provision of equipment for hospital discharge or the prevention of admission care.

Our software offers a platform where prescribers are continually empowered and assisted throughout. From start to finish community equipment can be ordered, collected or repaired with ease, with minimal navigation for an order to be placed. Authorisation controls are applied depending on a prescriber’s clinical and financial levels, ensuring budgets are continually controlled and managed.

We were initially advised that an implementation of such a service is recommended and envisaged to take a minimum of 5 months. Ceredigion County Council were in such a predicament that this length of time was not an options. This was discussed in length with CSS and unbelievably we managed to implement this service in under 3 weeks. The company used all their resources and manpower to aid this process and made the whole process extremely organised, stress-free and efficient. The process allowed our service to remain functional, maintain service standards and ultimately did not have a negative effect on our service users.

Implementing this system has allowed our service to finally become ‘paper free’. We no longer require the use of paper prescriptions and all delivery staff are able to use their hand held devices effectively and efficiently. This has greatly reduced the amount of admin work required by the office staff and most communication between our service staff and clinicians/prescribers can be done online. As with every new implementation, we have and continue to experience the odd ‘hick-up’ and glitch. This was envisaged and understandably unavoidable in areas. The customer services team and IT support have been excellent for us and issues are looked at and sorted in a timely manner. They remain in constant communication with us and feedback at every opportunity. Again reducing the amount of stress for staff members and prescribers.

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