12 days of Pro-Cloud

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Celebrate 12 days of Pro-Cloud by going through our CSS Advent Calendar. Just click on any box to learn about the modules we offer.

“(And My) Stock is in an Asset Tree”

Asset Management

Have a complete overview of each asset and its history – giving you total control. Check out your inventory using the asset tree.

“Four QR Codes”

Mobile Workforce

Synchronise the solution with our mobile app for an anytime, anywhere mobile working solution.

“Seven Scheduled Reports”

Management Information

Generate reports for completed tasks and jobs, stock statistics, and overall costs. These can be kept in the system in a variety of formats or printed as a hard copy.

“Ten Supply Deadlines”

Supplier Management

Manage activities fulfilled by your supply chain with supplier management integration along with a downloadable app. Maintain full online documentation of all aspects of supply: delivery, collection, and repair and gain better insight into you process.

“Two Stock Takes”

Stock Management

Through the use of unique tracking numbers and asset tags track stock levels and movements within moments, including real-time usage and valuation.

“Five Ad-Hoc Tasks”

Tasks and Servicing

Never miss important task and test notifications and ensure your assets are used to their optimum. Log any and all maintenance tasks, whether scheduled or ad-hoc.

“Eight Client Profiles”

Client Relationship Management

Keep records of your clients and their purchases/orders so you can have a more hands-on approach with your clients going forward – ensuring total traceability.

“Eleven Assigned Agents”

Workshop Monitoring

Workshop monitoring is where key activities take place, enabling close management and control of equipment repairs, refurbishments and modifications

“Three Orders”

Sales Order Processing

Keep track of your sales and purchases, allowing you to monitor expenditure and forecast spending.

“Six New Route Schedules”

Route Optimisation and Logistics

Optimise routing and scheduling to save time, money and to reduce your carbon footprint. Monitor certain statistics and make informed revisions to your logistics

“Nine Purchase Orders”

Purchase Order Processing

Simplify your purchasing and keep track of all your orders, confirmed or outstanding. Automate and digitize your purchase orders, streamlining the entire process.

“Twelve Fleet Statistics”

Fleet Management and Telematics

Oversee fleet vehicles and measure fields of data like acceleration speed, tyre pressure, and deceleration speed. Plan routes, prolong vehicle lifespan, and more.

Happy Holidays from all of us at CSS!

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