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Pro-Cloud can be used throughout any industry and will provide a full loop solution that won’t only manage your assets and warehouse but will also connect to other elements of your business such as: purchasing, supplier management, maintenance schedules and your fleet of vehicles.

Our clients vary, from SMEs to large enterprises, meaning we have the expertise to assist all sectors with their inventory management requirements. Our Project On-Boarding Team will work with you and your team to ensure the Pro-Cloud solution is configured to your requirements, considering every element of your business and how Pro-Cloud can improve efficiencies throughout.

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Track your assets anytime, anywhere

Keep track of your assets and know where an item is always. The Pro-Cloud mobile app enables real-time updates of asset activities, meaning management can view data updates immediately and decisions can be made within moments if required.

Pro-Cloud has been built around assets, offering the highest levels of stock visibility back at base and out in the field. Every stock movement is managed, including real-time usage and valuation.

This system is well worth the investment as the benefits to clinicians and patients/service users are outstanding. The new system has streamlined processes from Calderdale and is making the lives of anyone using the system – from warehouse staff to end users – so much easier.

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