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Pro-Cloud Ambulance is a highly configurable paperless software platform that provides full visibility and control of your inventory across multiple locations and functions. It centralises all data and ensures every asset movement is tracked and traced without fail.

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The solution automates critical areas of the ambulance operation supply chain, it meets all the requirements of the MHRA Managing Medical Devices and it is demonstrably resilient, with high availability and huge system redundancy. This ensures that the business-critical preparation and assurance of ambulances and their equipment is guaranteed.


Monitor and maintain critical life saving equipment

Analyse consumable stock levels and usage

Save time between patient responses

Track your fleet and their onboard equipment

Remain audit ready and health and safety compliant at all times

Increase response team efficiency

Manage field notifications and safety recalls

Reduce the loss of high-value equipment

Transform your ambulance service and reduce potential harm to patients

This has been a great project to lead on behalf of the charity and the support received from the whole team at CSS has been outstanding throughout the tender, and pre implementation phases. They have proven to be reactive to our requests for small changes in processes and capabilities and delivered on three specific development work streams. We have created over 415 locations and in the region of 500 vehicles and spent 6 months ‘laying hands’ on all our equipment. We now continue to go from strength to strength and this improves our safety and governance for our patients and volunteers.

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    Transform your everyday inventory processes with RFID

    Transform your everyday inventory checking processes with our RFID solution and read multiple RFID tags simultaneously, increasing efficiencies and saving time compared to traditional methods. By using a hand-held RFID reader a single scan can detect the presence of multiple RFID tags making equipment checks quicker and simpler for end-users.

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