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Accurately manage specialist equipment and consumables for crime scene investigations. From logging into/out of a crime scene to a change of equipment status such as out of action for maintenance, calibration, cleaning or entirely out of use, Pro-Cloud Public Safety records it all. Updated asset information and tracking data is automated in real-time through the use of scanning technology and asset tags, which have built-in unique asset identification numbers. Our asset tag offering includes barcode labels and/or QR codes for consumables and more advanced RFID tags for specialist equipment.

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Through the use of scanning technology stock control is increased. Consumables are recorded against a vehicle and crime scene, providing full visibility of stock levels, which minimises contamination and assists with health and safety procedures.

Driven by forensic services ISO 17020 regulations, having such a system in place provides a complete audit trail of equipment and consumables used throughout an investigation, which increases the reliability of evidence and proof of how a crime has been investigated. Pro-Cloud Public Safety can also provide customisable business intelligence reports, meaning you can report on any aspect of a crime scene investigation, including the equipment and consumables used. This reporting process provides you with the data needed to assist the crown prosecution service when assessing cases for court proceedings.


Accurately manage equipment and consumables

Track assets throughout their complete lifecycle

Reduce manual data input

Receive full visibility of stock

Ensure consumable stock is readily available at all times

Increase reliability of evidence and crime scene proof

Report on every aspect of a crime scene for detailed analysis

Be fully ISO 17020 compliant

Digitally transform your service through automation and operational clarity

The CSS team took the time to understand our business needs, including all the intricacies of such a historic Archive, and how we would like to use this system to deliver our business process; once launched, CSS (Europe) worked with the Archives team to migrate our data from our existing stock management product ensuring accuracy and rationalisation throughout the process.

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