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Pro-Cloud Public Safety will help you revolutionise daily operations, streamline processes, and embolden you to safeguard the broader community

Our comprehensive cloud-based asset management and tracking solution is meticulously crafted for all facets of the public safety sector. Armed with modular programs tailored to Ambulance, Fire and Rescue, and Police services, it automates supply chain management, schedules maintenance and repairs, and leaves no asset unaccounted for with its fully traceable audit trails.

Embrace efficiency without compromise across the public safety landscape, powered by Pro-Cloud Public Safety – your modular software companion.

The Future of Asset Management and Emergency Services

CSS is a Zebra Solutions Partner and certified Zebra RFID specialist. Our offering is incomparable in the market space as we pride ourselves in being one of the first providers to offer both fixed and read-only RFID in a combined solution. This has been packaged to offer a Smart Ambulance concept for make-ready purposes.

RFID Fixed readers located in an ambulance together with our Ready to Go mobile app allows real-time updates and reporting of assets and consumables on board, allowing your make-ready hubs to prepare for dispatch before the ambulance arrives back.

This has been a great project to lead on behalf of the charity and the support received from the whole team at CSS has been outstanding throughout the tender, and pre implementation phases. They have proven to be reactive to our requests for small changes in processes and capabilities and delivered on three specific development work streams. We have created over 415 locations and in the region of 500 vehicles and spent 6 months ‘laying hands’ on all our equipment. We now continue to go from strength to strength and this improves our safety and governance for our patients and volunteers.

St John Ambulance