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TCES Community Wheelchair manages and automates the entire wheelchair process from referral to issue, constantly highlighting risk and priority based on the NHS 18 week initiative – ensuring your service users have a smooth transition from referral to clinic. The solution links straight to stock management/workshops and technician routes to track progress and allows clinical purchasing from a defined new and recycled wheelchair catalogue.

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Improve efficiencies and cut costs by either integrating your Community Equipment and Wheelchair Service or by using TCES Wheelchair as a standalone solution. Investing in a joint up way of working will enable the coordination of equipment deliveries and collections, whilst improving the way of working for staff across your service. Providing the best possible service to service users, making sure they are always at the heart of what you do.


Automate the entire wheelchair process from start to finish

Receive full visibility of everyday working and wheelchair ordering

Use one centralised platform for decreased data processing

Track referral, assessment and appointment activity

View clinical diaries and complete assessments via mobile

Increase data security with two-factor authentication

Reduce your carbon footprint by making your wheelchair service paperless

Transform the ever-increasing demands of your wheelchair service

Accurate analytical reporting for easy budget and spend comparisons

This system is well worth the investment as the benefits to clinicians and patients/service users are outstanding. The new system has streamlined processes from Calderdale and is making the lives of anyone using the system – from warehouse staff to end users – so much easier.

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