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Evolve the way your wheelchair service operates through a paperless software platform like no other!

The difference in receiving the correct wheelchair, whatever it may be needed for can make such a difference to a person’s life and mobile independence. Every person is entitled to the correct wheelchair for them and should receive it in a realistic but timely manner. For this to happen a process must be followed by a service with assistance from suppliers along the way. This is where TCES Wheelchair can help! A trusted online ordering and management platform that handles the complete wheelchair ordering process, making sure the correct bespoke and responsive chair is acquired every time.

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The TCES Wheelchair platform streamlines the NHS 18 week wheelchair ordering process whilst maintaining an end-to-end communication trail between the service user, clinician and wheelchair provider. From referral to issue, service users and their carers can view all appointments and the progress of their orders/wheelchair repairs through the secure two-factor citizen portal. Our advanced citizen portal connects the dots and reduces communication with a wheelchair repair service and their practitioners whilst keeping service users well informed. If specific issues such as hospitalisation arises or a wheelchair part is missing the order is put on hold with no further action until the status changes.

Either through the TCES Wheelchair interface or via its dedicated mobile app clinicians have the ability to manage appointments, referrals and assessments, reducing the amount of paperwork needed to manage their workload. To reduce appointment cancellations service users will receive either an SMS or email reminder.

Using the TCES Wheelchair platform will ensure all orders and repairs are dealt with in the timescale agreed, including continual updates and alerts along the way – resulting in a streamlined wheelchair service and happy service users.

To find out more about this revolutionary wheelchair platform visit our website: or contact us on 0844 879 4531 –

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