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At CSS we are passionate about support with a dedicated team that is always available to answer any query raised about our asset management software solutions, via both telephone and our comprehensive helpdesk system.

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Our helpdesk facility Zendesk is a cloud based customer service software platform that allows a full auditable ticketing trail, meaning when a ticket is raised customers gain a transparent overview of ticket progress, priority classification and the name of their designated support personnel.

For peace of mind, automations in e-mail form confirm a help ticket has been registered with the helpdesk right through to the successful resolution of the query, keeping the client informed of all comments and updates along the way.

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The helpdesk utilises industry standard benchmarking in order to gauge standards set across the industry as a whole. Based on this information the team works toward and strives to exceed specific key performance indicators such as ticket resolution times.

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ISO 9001:2015 Recognised

Ensuring our customer service protocol is formally recognised we have been certified in the internationally accredited quality standard ISO 9001:2015. This provides secure evidence of our commitment to offer first-class delivery of customer service, from initial contact right through to the implementation and support of all contracts. It underpins our day-to-day processes and ensures we actively embrace our dedicated support promise.

Improving Customer Experiences

Zendesk is our customer ticketing system for dealing with software solution queries, with a full auditable ticketing trail in email form for peace of mind for both parties.

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Live Chat Assistance

Offering immediate assistance with a live chat system that pops up on our solutions, so personnel can ask questions about any aspect of the system at any time of the day.