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The Pro-Cloud asset management software solution can be used by private healthcare manufacturers and suppliers. The system streamlines the stock management process, ensuring assets are always tracked and traced at every stage of the order to delivery process.

System automation is at the core of Pro-Cloud, meaning all activities relating to an asset are updated to the system in real-time, eliminating delayed or missed information.

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Pro-Cloud offers the highest level of stock visibility, reducing loss of equipment and ensuring stock is only replenished when required, bringing synergy to your warehouse and improving cost efficiencies throughout.

Your supply chain can also be managed throughout, enabling you to view all supplier information within one centralised location for easy comparisons when required.


Streamline your stock management processes

Centralise all asset data

Track and trace asset movements

Save time and money through improved operational efficiencies

Automate your processes and reduce manual data input

Ensure equipment is repaired, refurbished and modified when required

Manage your supply chain effectively

Receive full activity audit reports

Digitally transform your healthcare organisation

This system is well worth the investment as the benefits to clinicians and patients/service users are outstanding. The new system has streamlined processes from Calderdale and is making the lives of anyone using the system – from warehouse staff to end users – so much easier.

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