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CSS Graduate Scheme 2023

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grad scheme 2023
We prioritise personal and professional development at CSS which is why we’ve launched a Graduate Scheme to ensure new team members can strengthen their existing skills while continuously learning and developing new ones. A few new members have recently joined the team at CSS and they are eager to grow…

New Business Technology Officer

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Kevin Lee Business Technology Officer at CSS!       What responsibilities do you have at CSS? At CSS, my key responsibilities as the Business Technology Officer involve developing tailored solutions to meet our customers’ needs. This includes engaging in customer support by preparing user guides to assist them in…

Ambulance Leadership Forum 2023

alf roundup 2023
The CSS Team at The Ambulance Leadership Forum 2023 Fresh from our participation in the Emergency Services Show, the CSS team was delighted to attend the Ambulance Leadership Forum from the 2nd to the 3rd of October. This event serves as a gathering of prominent figures and organisations within the…

Pro-Cloud at The Emergency Services Show 2023

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ESS 2023 blog banner
We recently had the privilege of attending the Emergency Services Show at the NEC, where we proudly showcased Pro-Cloud Public Safety – our comprehensive asset and consumable management system designed for the public sector. The two-day event provided an invaluable opportunity for our entire team to engage with a diverse…

Everything You Need to Know about SaaS

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  SaaS is a term you might see a lot in online circles or tech publications and it’s thrown around so often that its meaning can become slightly obscured. SaaS stands for “Software as a Service”. Through a subscription, a user is given access to externally-hosted software that provides them…

Benefits of a Combined Software Solution

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combined software hardware blog
Benefits of a Combined Software and Hardware Asset Management Solution Managing assets effectively is no small task. For ongoing accurate asset data items need to be tracked throughout their whole lifecycle, databases for their information need to be comprehensive, and every single process needs to be logged, verified, and authenticated.…

North West Passage Expedition Launch Event

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nwp photo banner
North West Passage Expedition Launch Event 🚣‍♂️ As the North West Passage Expedition draws near, we are thrilled to share some incredible snapshots from the recent launch event. The team gathered with sponsors and special guests last week to gain valuable insights into this remarkable journey, guided by expedition leader Leven…

Leven Brown and the Expedition Team featured in The Times

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north west passage expedition sponsor
💡 Intrepid Ocean Rowers To Take On The Notorious Northwest Passage 💡 This interview with Leven Brown in The Times provides some fascinating insight into the North West Passage’s history, the journey of the crew, and the challenges they face. Take a look through to learn more about this incredible…

What is the North West Passage?

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What Exactly is the North West Passage?  Read on to Find Out   Originally envisioned as a new beneficial trade route between Europe and China, the North West Passage has a rich history geographically, historically, and politically. Over the course of its history, the passage has been the subject of…