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Raise the bar on fleet automation and bring instant visualisation to your owned, leased or hired fleet in one simple-to-use interface. Take care of the day-to-day servicing, MOT, tyre and inspection management but also collect vital information of drivers and their activities through in-built telematics trackers.

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Pro-Cloud Fleet gives you a complete visualisation of your fleet estate. using the DVLA API lookup, you can easily download accurate information at the point of registration. Key information such as MOT, Road Tax, Insurance and Lease details can be recorded to facilitate future renewals. The ambulance replacement plan is aided by the calculation and storage of the replacement year, which helps in Capital and Forecast Expenditure planning.


Monitor every aspect of your fleet operation in one platform

Analyse vehicle faults and trends through the reporting dashboard

Save time and money by optimising routes in postcode groups

Track driver performance

Deliver clear and accurate audit trails when required

Increase fleet longevity through scheduled and adhoc maintenance work

Manage accidents by setting geo-perimeters and key alerts

Reduce your carbon footprint and CO2 emissions through route planning and a paperless operation

Transform your fleet service by raising the bar on automation and collecting vital data

This has been a great project to lead on behalf of the charity and the support received from the whole team at CSS has been outstanding throughout the tender, and pre implementation phases. They have proven to be reactive to our requests for small changes in processes and capabilities and delivered on three specific development work streams.

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