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Asset Management comes down to one simple component, accountability.

For the items that are under business control, the information they provide across the organisation and the potential to increase efficiencies and save money.

It sounds like a lot to be responsible for and for one person it is a mammoth task, one that many organisations allocate across a whole team. As they say ‘many hands make light work’, however with so many hands in the pot the possibility of incorrect information filtering down the pipeline increases. It may not be a conscious decision but it depends significantly on the way your information is stored. With each team member receiving a separate task to do at different times of the working day information overlap can occur, especially when there is only one spreadsheet to share between you all and information is all entered at the end of the day. Inevitably mistakes will be made.

Imagine trying to keep track of data entries from over five members, maybe more, of staff on one spreadsheet.

How many of those will need to edit the same cell?

What if old data is written over new data?

How will you know which data is correct when you come back to assess the information?

Is one person accountable for making the error or is the whole team responsible for compounding the problem unknowingly?

Spreadsheets have their place in the business world but hand in hand with a large team who all share editing capabilities it’s benefits fall drastically and so does the quality of the work they produce.

In a team accountability falls to all and all information is viewed as important. This needs to stored and collected in a system that can reflect exactly how your team operates. A cloud-based, mobile, asset management solution puts accountability at the click of a button. Team members are able to record the information they collect, when and where they are, in real-time and sync it to the system so all information is up to date. Time delays are eliminated. All information is stored so nothing vital is mistakenly overwritten. With complete information at business disposal it becomes significantly easier to manage trends, efficiencies and money saving potential. The asset management solution offered large-scale clarity on multiple levels.

Pro-Cloud, our flexible asset management solution, can help your team save time and energy. With the ability to be tailored to specific business requests Pro-Cloud is the perfect accountable extra team member your organisation will continually benefit from.

For more information about our modular asset management system Pro-Cloud call us on 0844 879 4531 or email

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