Evolving Ambulances

evolving ambulances

Evolving Ambulances with Pro-Cloud Public Safety

The ambulance service is always at the forefront of technological development to maximise efficiencies across their operations, ensuring they can continue their critical work. Whether it’s implementing a new fleet of electric vehicles, or integrating new software into their processes, ambulance services across the country are constantly transforming and reinventing themselves. When it comes to tracking software for ambulances, Pro-Cloud Public Safety is the ultimate asset management solution. Coming with a vast range of interoperable scalable modules, our software digitally transforms ambulance operations and maximises their efficiencies across the board.

Today, we’re going to give you an overview of Pro-Cloud Public Safety and how it simultaneously modernises ambulance services without, at any stage, impeding their life-saving work.

Integrating Pro-Cloud Public Safety sees immediate rewards courtesy of our innovative asset tracking capabilities, allowing real-time updates across all vehicles, depots, and warehouses. For example, our Assets & Inventory modules enables you to track and monitor all assets and equipment items across every location and centralises this information into one place.

Maintaining this level of visibility is crucial for ambulances to continue doing their work effectively. This is why this core component of Pro-Cloud Public Safety works in conjunction with our other modules to provide a comprehensive and innovative asset management solution. Read below to find out more.

RFID with Make-Ready

RFID brings speed and efficiency to any environment – seeing hundreds, if not thousands, of tag reads per second, providing a thorough and instant visualisation of your inventory. When combined with market-leading Zebra hardware, such as the RFD40 UHF Sled, and inventory checks can be carried out whenever and wherever possible, providing speed and efficiency on the go.

Additionally, Pro-Cloud Public Safety supports the implementation of RFID technology and fully utilises it with a dedicated Make-Ready module to ensure the make-ready process can be carried out as smoothly and efficiently as possible. With this module at your disposal you can carry out rapid inventory checks, vehicle inspections, and more.


Fleet Management & Route Optimisation

Take control of your fleet of vehicles with Public Safety’s Fleet Management tools and ensure your fleet is maintained to industry standards while simultaneously tracking ambulance vehicles and optimising logistics. These features allow our users to keep track of a vehicle’s history throughout its entire lifecycle allowing for more precise auditing and management of fleet vehicles.

Having this group of modules on your side allows for route optimisation, ensuring that a fleet of registered vehicles is utilised to its maximum potential, streamlining  logistics across the whole organisation. Like we said earlier, Pro-Cloud Public Safety’s capabilities extend beyond asset management and encompass a multitude of different features and tools, marking it as both the ultimate asset management and ambulance tracking software.


Tasks & Servicing

Our efficient Tasks & Servicing module gives our clients the means to ensure their equipment is tested on time, every time. Whether it’s schedules servicing or ad-hoc testing, Pro-Cloud Public Safety enables you to carry out servicing jobs that can’t always be predicted. The primary benefit of this module is automating maintenance workflows. In a nutshell: once and asset that requires maintenance is registered to the system all relevant maintenance and servicing deadlines for that asset will be automatically generated.

Benefits like automated deadlines, increased visibility, detailed data insights and reporting capabilities are just a sampling of how Pro-Cloud Public Safety is ideal for both equipment and ambulance maintenance.


Labelling & Hardware

Our services do not just stop with implementing asset management solutions for ambulances, We also offer hybrid labelling and tagging solutions catered to our clients’ needs, ensuring there are effective barcode tracking practices in place for ambulance services, whether that’s GS1 barcodes, QR codes, RFID , or even BLE.

Click here for more information on our labelling and hardware.


Hear From Our Clients

St John Ambulance Case Study

To find out more about how Pro-Cloud Public Safety can transform ambulance services across the country, visit our website or read our brochure.

Alternatively, contact our Business Development team.

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