Healthcare equipment and barcode technology

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The top five benefits:

Automate Everything

– to provide the level of care your service requires equipment records need to be updated within moments. Barcoding technology provides you with the tools to automate everything in real-time, meaning you can allocate equipment to patients with confidence.

Reduce Human Error

– using a barcoding solution ensures quick and accurate data entry. Barcodes supply an easy-to-use cost-effective offering that eliminates mistakes from manual data entry and saves valuable time for clinicians, providing a more patient centred service.

Centralise Equipment Records

– managing a healthcare inventory is a convoluted task and requires specific regulations and data sets to be considered at all times. A barcoding solution centralise it all for you, enabling you to view historic records of each asset and when specific maintenance/tests are required.

Locate Equipment 24/7

– barcodes for healthcare equipment management means you can locate where equipment is at all times. You can view if a piece of equipment is in stock, out for repair, at a patient’s home or in the cleaning queue. From the day a piece of equipment is commissioned into your service you can manage and track its every movement.

Increase Stock Control

– continually keep an eye on your stock levels by the simple click of a button and make significant cost savings by only replenishing stock when necessary.

Join the conversation and let us know what other benefits you achieve when using a barcoding solution for your healthcare equipment management operation.

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