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Mobile working has taken your company from strength to strength. Your company has gone from working off of paper and spreadsheets to automating their processes at the click of a button. Now they are out in the field increasing productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction at a fantastic rate. All the information they could ever need to complete their tasks is at their fingertips. However the benefits of having a great mobile working team comes with the risk of having company data outside of the office. Now comes the time to consider protecting both important company information as well as your employees. Mobile Device Management is the solution that can put your mind at ease.

What Is Mobile Device Management?
Mobile Device Management is a way to monitor, manage and control devices intended for company use. Separating applications, profiles and data for personal and professional work. Mobile Device Management assists in administration tasks, reporting capabilities and security precautions.

Device management software can help you monitor and manage these crucial points:

  • Data Usage
  • Accessible Applications
  • Software Upgrades
  • Lost/Stolen Devices
  • Jailbreak Attempts and Misuse


After ironing out the kinks of mobile working for your team and their day to day routine a pattern will undoubtedly emerge. This will give you a basic guide to how much data they use in a week, moth etc. Mobile Device Management will allow you to monitor this and alert you to when data usage is outside of the ordinary parameters.


It’s possible that your company has devices set up for multiple uses and different teams to get the best usage. Your team however only needs to access certain applications to do their job. To prevent distraction or using the wrong part of the device you can restrict access to applications they do not need to use.


Even though we hate it accidents do happen, devices get lost or are stolen from the team/office. A device can easily be replaced in order to carry on regular work but the risk here is company data. You have no idea who has access to your information through this device. The best way to combat this is to wipe the information from the device before it is accessed, and with mobile device management this can be done remotely.

Mobile working has taken your company from strength to strength, protect that strength and increase its potential with the addition of mobile device management and there will be no height your company can’t reach.

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