Santa’s Secret Weapon

elf hats on a snowy wall

While Santa has his elves, we have our own secret weapon… Our Developers!

That’s right good old Saint Nick isn’t the only one with a team of hard working individuals tucked away. Ours may not be dressed in green and red and 3ft tall but our amazing team of digital technicians keep Pro-Cloud running and evolving at every turn.

When a business/organisation invests in a new management system they have certain expectations.

1. A smooth implementation
2. Phenomenal customer support
3. The most up-to-date system possible

The first two expectations have great presence, they’re there at the end of the phone or a quick email away to help in your time of need. But behind the scenes working away harder than Santa’s team of elves are our developers.

One of the benefits of having a bespoke in-depth asset management system and not a freeware model is the continual work that goes in to keeping the system current and up-to-date. Not only do they maintain the system but they also help it to grow and evolve by adding and creating new functions and dashboards to make the user experience easy and enjoyable. It’s all a result of the development teams hard work year round, not just at Christmas.

For information about Pro-Cloud please get in touch this festive season on 0844 879 4531.

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