What is the North West Passage?

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What Exactly is the North West Passage? 

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Originally envisioned as a new beneficial trade route between Europe and China, the North West Passage has a rich history geographically, historically, and politically.

Over the course of its history, the passage has been the subject of many expeditions and remains the centre of several key issues surrounding international ownership, wildlife preservation, environmentalism, and trade and exploration.

Despite being home to a stupendous variety of wildlife (seals, polar bears, walruses etc.) the passage can prove borderline inhospitable and unforgiving. The freezing temperatures and rocky straits have often speeled doom for many expeditions in the past – with these conditions being particularly harsh for most conventional vessels.

It is only recently climbing temperatures that the passage is now traversable with less powerful vessels.

In this case… a rowboat.

Today, the Northwest Passage continues to captivate explorers and adventurers alike. Climate change and receding ice have opened up new possibilities, enabling increased maritime traffic and offering opportunities for scientific research and cultural exchange.

Marking this historic and simultaneously tragic journey, the expedition will include a descendant of John Franklin – finally completing a journey that was never finished.


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