What Matters Most to your Fleet?

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Your lighthouse through the storm

What matters most to your fleet?

A question you should have in mind throughout your whole fleet management software solution journey. Keep this key objective in focus and it will essentially be your lighthouse.

Before you even start to look at possible solutions to introduce into your business you need to know what you want. So ask yourself what matters most to your fleet?

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Do you want to focus on fuel usage and reduce your carbon footprint? Or driver management and increase general safety and productivity? Maybe vehicle utilisation is the issue and you want to identify if all your vehicles are actually necessary? Knowing which areas you want to focus on improving will give you a guideline to follow when looking at prospective solutions, whether enquiries are made online or in conversation.

Several companies work in a modular fashion and knowing whether or not you need a particular module can help early on. Even handing over a broad idea of what you would like in a solution to a company gets you off on the right foot. It’s all a starting point.

Once you’ve made the decision of which solution to implement into your business the objective still needs to be clear. What matters most to your fleet?

Implementations can be the most complicated part of the process in introducing a new solution. There are lots of moving parts, data transfers and employee training to tend to at various points. Some implementations can lose their way when all the shiny bells and whistles of customisation are shown to the project team. You get distracted by additional modules and having an all singing all-dancing system which you may not use in its entirety. With a clear aiming point you can make decisions accordingly that are in line with your end goal. It also helps keep your implementation team on track in their best efforts to get you up and running as soon as possible.

When all systems are go and you’re ready to fly solo the objective still needs to be clear to you and your team. What matters most to your fleet?

This is extremely important when dealing with the influx of information that comes streaming in once you’re fully operational. The vast amount of data that is collated around the clock is all valuable to someone somewhere in the business but the key to staying afloat in the ocean of data is to pull a few strands that are important to you. Got right back to the beginning, what did you require the system to monitor? Fuel-usage? Driver management? Vehicle utilisation?

What matters most to your fleet? Keep that question/objective in mind at all times and you can’t go wrong.

The implementation team from Pro-Cloud Fleet work closely with your business to outline the key objectives of the project, making sure it is kept on track from the beginning to go-live. For more information about Pro-Cloud Fleet visit www.pro-cloud-fleet.org, contact us on 0844 879 4531 or email enquiries@csseurope.co.uk.

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