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TCES Community an intuitive community equipment platform and a back end asset management and tracking platform, making sure equipment is always sourced, maintained and located within the community.

Pro-Cloud will manage your entire business, taking control of your inventory and supply chain, developed in a modular form to accommodate all business requirements whereby one or a combination of modules can be utilised.

Pro-Cloud BlueLight is a fully configurable asset, fleet, task and test management software solution specifically designed for the requirements of today’s emergency services.
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Fleet Management & Telematics

TCES Connections is the UK’s leading community equipment ordering platform, which can be integrated with any aspect of community equipment: prescription models, loan equipment, self-funding, and direct supply.

Pro-Cloud Stadium will limit the disruption to events and take control of incident deployment within moments by allocating the nearest and most relevant employees to an incident. Through our intuitive cloud based mobile app all incident and asset data can be centralised within one single system.

Pro-Cloud Fleet is the complete package, ensuring you are always aware of driver locations, important vehicle maintenance indications and real-time routing. Obtain past and present data and analyse your fleet with ease.

About Creative Software Solutions

With over 20 years’ of experience and successful business across the UK you can really rely on Creative Software Solutions (Europe) Limited (CSS) with a proven track record of assisting companies just like yours to obtain efficiencies and cost savings.

Our customer retention is excellent with many of our customers continuing to utilise our services year on year, trusting in us to keep giving them the software and support they need to run their service in the most efficient way. Business delivery is down to CSS’s team of people who are experts in what they do; from having the most forward thinking in-house developers through to employing experienced individuals from the market sectors in which we work; we always put customer needs first and work around the clock to get the job done.

All our software comes under the software as a service model (SaaS), with project implementation being the steer to getting our software up and running as quickly as possible. This model allows us to offer the most cost effective subscriptions, giving us that competitive edge other asset management companies may not have.

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