Ambulance Leadership Forum 2023

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The CSS Team at The Ambulance Leadership Forum 2023

Fresh from our participation in the Emergency Services Show, the CSS team was delighted to attend the Ambulance Leadership Forum from the 2nd to the 3rd of October. This event serves as a gathering of prominent figures and organisations within the ambulance sector, offering a unique opportunity to connect with insightful individuals and entities. As Gold Sponsors of the event, we had the privilege to present Pro-Cloud Public Safety as a premier choice for asset and consumables management solutions for ambulance services.

Both days were filled with enlightening talks conducted by industry professionals on how we can modernise and revolutionise the ambulance sector. Notable highlights included an insightful discussion led by St John Ambulance on the potential of upgrading equipment across various ambulance services to revitalise and transform the entire sector’s operations.

The event also featured the presence of Excelerate Technology Group, who presented an engaging discussion on Hybrid Connex, the digital ambulance of the future. Given the challenges faced by the ambulance sector, we believe that modernisation and digital transformation are extremely important. This event provided us with platform to share our vision for a digital ambulance sector, where life-saving equipment and consumables are meticulously tracked throughout their lifecycle.

ALF 2Participating in the Ambulance Leadership Forum was a fantastic chance to engage with our clients, thought leaders in the ambulance sector, and gain insights into the future of UK ambulance services. With the successful conclusion of both the Emergency Services Show and the Ambulance Leadership Forum, we’re eagerly anticipating the numerous upcoming opportunities for collaboration within the emergency services sector to drive modernisation in their operations.

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