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With fire and rescue equipment being subject to wear and tear in intense environments, it’s crucial to have access to important information about each asset in your inventory. Whether that’s the maintenance schedule and service history, the length of time it’s been registered with your organisation, or even the supplier’s information.

fire appliance head onPro-Cloud Public Safety is a fully configured asset tracking software solution built with fire departments in mind. Ranging from equipment maintenance to centralised asset tracking, you can ensure every asset in your inventory is accounted for across every level of your organisation.

Today we’ll be taking you through the benefits Pro-Cloud Public Safety provides your fire and rescue service.

 Effective Asset Management 

One of the primary benefits of Pro-Cloud Public Safety is how it allows you to centralise all your assets across multiple locations, with access to a register of all relevant information which can be as simple or as detailed as you need. This enhanced oversight and data fidelity ensures you can track all your assets across every level of your organisation – making our “Assets and Inventory” module essential for fire and rescue inventory management.

 Easing Maintenance and Repair 

It’s vital to stay on top of equipment maintenance schedules to ensure performance, quality control, and exceptional service. With our ‘Workshop Monitoring’ and ‘Tasks & Testing’ modules you can access the full service history of a registered piece of equipment – including scheduled/required repairs or maintenance.

These repair and maintenance tasks can also be administered ad-hoc, enabling you to maintain a regular schedule while also adopting a more hands-on approach (as you see fit) throughout an asset’s entire lifecycle.

 Financial Oversight 

Our equipment tracking solution for fire and rescue services empowers you to take control of your finances and save costs. Our Procurement module provides you with a full view of current and historic purchases, allowing you to track spending trends, make more informed procurement decisions for the future, manage assets through their whole lifecycle, and forecast any potential depreciation.

With this level of visibility, the Pro-Cloud Public Safety solution will ensure your fire and rescue service can effectively manage and track not just your equipment, but your costs and finances as well.

 Fully Configured & Supported 

open fire applianceOne of the most important things you can do to track your fire and rescue equipment effectively is to have a curated hybrid labelling solution, Luckily, we provide that as well.

Our Project Implementation Team will consult with you through every step of the process to see which labels you need. Whether that’s durable tags for equipment that sees a lot of wear and tear, advanced RFID labelling for the assets you have to register and monitor at a moment’s notice, or GS1 barcodes and QR codes for locations across your depots. We deliver the best solution to meet your needs and ensure you have total control over tracking your equipment.

 Reporting & Auditing

Everything we’ve gone over (maintenance and repairs, finance, and equipment tracking and management) can all be reported on and tracked thanks to our Data Visualisation feature. Powered by Microsoft, our reporting feature allows you to generate in-built and bespoke reports and export them in a variety of formats.

Being able to visualise all kinds of information from every arm of your service has several benefits.

  • The main benefit is the ability to analyse every detail of your processes for more efficient management and oversight.
  • Auditing, whether internal or external, is a time-consuming and laborious process and your time is better spent elsewhere. Luckily, our Data Visualisation module and its reporting capabilities gives you the tools to create reports of historic and current data to expediate auditing procedures.


With each module presenting a solution in itself, their combined efficiency as part of the Pro-Cloud Public Safety solution marks the next step in public safety software.

For more information about how Pro-Cloud Public Safety can benefit your fire and rescue service, contact our Business Development Team

T: 0800 652 0488


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