CSS Graduate Scheme 2023

grad scheme 2023

We prioritise personal and professional development at CSS which is why we’ve launched a Graduate Scheme to ensure new team members can strengthen their existing skills while continuously learning and developing new ones.

A few new members have recently joined the team at CSS and they are eager to grow and develop across departments like Business Development and Project Delivery.

So, we thought we’d show you what our latest team members have to say about their time at CSS so far.

We asked our new graduates the following questions:

  1. With the job market for graduates shrinking and growing more competitive – what do you think makes CSS stand out?
  2. What is your role at CSS and what are your responsibilities?
  3. Describe your experience with CSS so far. From day 1 to now, what’s changed for you?
  4. How have you found your role so far? What skills have you developed and how have you applied your degree to the responsibilities of your role?



jemimaThe main thing that makes CSS stand out for me is how they retain their employees; the length of time people have worked here is amazing. There’s just this incredible sense of loyalty and it promises a brilliant future.

I am part of the business development team here at CSS but my main roles lie in marketing. I help create new and innovative ideas for both our social media and events that we attend. I’m also being increasingly trained by the sales department to transfer my marketing efforts into the creation of potential leads.

Upon being hired into the marketing and sales department of CSS I was worried about my lack of knowledge and capabilities regarding software. But, in these past two months I have learnt more than I thought possible, and my confidence in my newfound knowledge of CSS systems as well as my confidence as a person have grown unbelievable amounts.

I thoroughly enjoy my role especially due to the exciting opportunities which arise daily. Having completed my master’s degree in International Marketing I have been able to translate my studies into real life circumstances. I really enjoyed my degree and CSS has provided a space to put my skills into practice alongside the brilliant team in my department where we are constantly communicating and collaborating. However, my degree only taught me so much. CSS has enabled me to work across diverse departments, shadow senior members, and engage in hands on experiences, allowing me to expand my horizons and skills to other areas which peak my interest.


thomasWhat makes CSS stand out in my opinion is the in-house team, the supportive atmosphere, and the collaborative workplace culture. No department is fully on its own since everyone works together which makes this place quite unique and innovative in my opinion.

Business Development Executive is a sales role which comes with the responsibilities of bringing new prospects through the door and guiding them through the sales process, which naturally means showing them around the product and highlighting its value propositions, it also means understanding requirements and negotiating commercials.

I’d say the biggest change so far has been how my time at CSS has deepened my understanding of the tech industry for both software and hardware, I’ve learned so much in the time I’ve been here. I’ve also been able to learn about lots of different sectors and industries because of the extensive markets we serve.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the role so far. In my short time here I’ve learnt a number of new skills and, naturally, I’ve directly related my Business Management and Entrepreneurship degree to my everyday activities here at CSS.


rebecca wooWhat makes CSS stand out in the job market is the opportunity that they provide for learning, development and improvement. Not only the opportunity for growth in personal development, but through the continuous development of the Pro-Cloud software to expand its capabilities and offering. I really admire the versatility of the Pro-Cloud system in that it offers wholesome and customisable software solutions which can adapt and cater for different client needs. This is what makes each project exciting as there is always something new to learn.

My main responsibilities as Graduate Implementation Technical Consultant at CSS include:

  • Collaborating with the Project Services team to help with the implementation of the Pro-Cloud software
  • To effectively communicate with the clients throughout the project on system customisations and/or changes
  • Provide project support through the creation of project documentation
  • Also, to help educate clients on how the system is used and how each element can help to meet their operational requirements

I have really enjoyed my experience at CSS so far and I am particularly thankful for how welcoming and supportive the team has been. I have already been involved in a variety of projects and tasks, which has really helped in building my confidence and understanding of Pro-Cloud.

Originally, I studied product design and technology for my degree, so starting this role at CSS has been a new and exciting opportunity. But there has already been many transferable skills which I have been able to apply and develop in my role at CSS. These include understanding user needs to assist in customisation, technical problem solving, collaboration, and effective communication. through the projects I have been involved in so far, I have been able to expand my technical knowledge and I have really enjoyed the challenge of constant learning. I look forward to learning even more and being involved in future projects.


You can find more information about our Graduate Scheme and what we offer here.

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