GS1 Barcoding and the Healthcare Industry

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GS1 barcoding is the universal language being spoken across the healthcare industry. Connecting suppliers and the NHS to critical patient care. Saving lives through open and consistent communication.

GS1 are the barcoding standard that has been prevalent for over 40 years. Used in industries such as retail to monitor stock, sales and movement, the global language is now making its mark in the healthcare industry. GS1 provides a common foundation for businesses worldwide, enabling a unique barcode to provide identifying information and also capture and share it where necessary. By sharing information across businesses the data is as up-to-date as possible, reducing delay and error.

Patient safety is top priority for the NHS. Through the use of GS1 barcoding helping them to identify, capture and share information across the service this is only improving. From patients and their records to medical supplies and products it is now mandatory to use GS1 barcodes. In an industry with many time-sensitive restraints being able to access accurate information is a must.

All suppliers, old and new, are expected to adhere to this type of barcoding technology if they wish to continue their work with the NHS. The compliance deadline is fast approaching.

Currently patients are able to be identified through a barcode on a wristband when first admitted and their medical history accessed with ease. Inventory management allows closer monitoring of low medication or on the other hand whether stock is high, highlighting possible areas to save money and manage excess waste. Surgical and community equipment is now monitored for vital and routine maintenance ensuring equipment is always in working order. With endless applications across the service the barcodes are able to store important information that can be accessed at all times and is continuing to bring more efficiencies to light. Adopting GS1 across healthcare globally will only enhance the effectiveness the NHS are currently experiencing.

Our solutions use GS1 barcoding to ensure you are ahead of the game and comply with the new NHS and government legislation, helping you to gain and improve your business without the worry of missing out on work.

Our asset management solutions allow you to meticulously monitor and control your assets in real-time with great visibility, helping you to operate your business with complete confidence.

For more information about our solutions and how they help you to comply with GS1 standards please get in touch on 0844 879 4531 or email

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