RFID: Advanced Inventory Tagging

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Since asset management is constantly evolving with modern technology, a lot of things come and go. However, the future of the quickest and most efficient asset management/tracking software implementation lies in RFID Technology.

Not to mention its ability to read objects without a direct line of sight – arguably its greatest strength. This is achieved by the RFID Reader sending out ultra-high frequency radio waves across alternating horizontal and vertical planes, meaning the Reader, and the chip in the RFID Tag, can exchange data without needing to be in direct alignment.

On a fundamental level, RFID Technology is the most effective method for asset tracking due to its universal functionality. Not only is it a contactless, instantaneous way of identifying and cataloguing assets, but it also has the capability of giving each asset its own unique designation through RFID Tagging. Therefore, on speed and accuracy alone, RFID Technology already stands out amongst its competitors.

RFID Technology & Hardware

Notably, all the mobile computing devices such as the Zebra TC26 we use alongside our Pro-Cloud asset management software are RFID-enabled. This means that our solution can incorporate and monitor each item in your inventory by recognising its unique RFID designation. Additionally, with the help of a fixed RFID reader and RFID antennas in any vehicle that needs inventories tracked, your equipment will be scanned automatically when a door is closed and any assets that are unaccounted for will be flagged up on the Pro-Cloud RFID Ready to Go app, ensuring you have complete visibility and total oversight of your on-board assets.

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Moreover, it’s possible to receive real-time updates and complete immediate inventory checks out in the field without the need for Wi-Fi connectivity by using our Pro-Cloud RFID Gateway. The RFID Gateway is a tiny computer that is used with the Pro-Cloud app for the quickest and most powerful data processing available.

However, RFID Technology doesn’t come without its critics. Some criticisms of RFID concern the potentially high cost of implementing the technology, or the supposed weakness of the hardware. Conversely, with the technology becoming more advanced and efficient year after year, the implementation is actually becoming more cost-effective and as for the hardware, our partner Zebra Technologies is one of the leading suppliers on the market.

Additionally, the inclusion of items like hard tags, which boast high durability and resistance, means the solution is at a lower risk of being compromised. With all the discourse around this technology, it’s easy to see why it’s become the most advanced tagging option on the market and why it outshines all its competitors. The results speak for themselves.

Start using RFID Technology with Pro-Cloud and receive the most efficient implementation service and solution possible.

Find out more about our RFID offering via the following link: https://pro-cloud.org/rfid/

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