Summer Sun and Inventory Fun

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The summer holidays are finally here!

Schools are out and the kids are free to enjoy the long sunshine filled days of summer. Families and friends are getting ready to hit the airport and spend their time on sandy beaches on foreign shores… but not everyone is so lucky.

Somehow your team are still stuck in the office, taking care of the general day to day tasks, missing out on all the sun. Not much of a summer holiday is it?

With everyone off what’s left to do? Take inventory of course!

That tedious job which crops up when there’s absolutely nothing left to do (or when there’s an audit looming).

A large number of companies tend to find that this 6-week long break is one of the most ideal times on the business year to take stock of their assets and update crucial logs which may be severely outdated.



6 weeks. Depending on the asset your team are trying to locate it could take minutes, hours or even days to find and check its condition. Imagine them trying to do that for every single item on their list. The amount of time clocked up and wasted if their efforts are unsuccessful could be astronomical but ultimately better utilised in several ways.


While your staff is significantly reduced it’s not necessarily a bad thing. With less people around it means general items that would usually be in operation are now idle. This makes them easier to catalogue without interrupting someone in the middle of their job. Items like company laptops may all be left in a secure location instead of distributed among individual people.

The combination of time and availability is the winning factor for most companies to continue as usual at this time of year.

There is however a way for your team to get the job done quickly and efficiently, and maybe just maybe get a few extra rays of sunshine.


An asset management solution, the smart way to track, trace and locate all your important company equipment. With our effective asset management solution in place all of the information you need to know about company property is located on one central platform. From serial numbers to location and age of the asset. Perhaps you’ve been working from a spreadsheet that’s filled with information up to a year old? Our asset management solution will provide you with accurate up-to-date data and the perfect audit trail to pass on to your accounts team. No more chasing and writing off ghost items that have been passed from pillar to post without being documented properly, it’s all clear for you to see where each item is. Aided by handheld scanners your team can locate assets and update the system simultaneously. Our asset management solution is the perfect way to keep your company on track this summer and the rest of the year.

With a reduced workforce over the summer period now is a great time to implement a new system. Your team can be trained how to operate the software effectively without the pressure of main year business tasks and in turn can be beneficial in training returning staff as the holidays come to a close. With a cost-saving and efficient solution in place more of your staff will have the chance to enjoy the summer sun next year and for years to come.

For more information about our asset management system Pro-Cloud contact us on 0844 879 4531 or email

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